Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review


[This review contains spoilers]

This is a silly movie, and a children’s movie. You shouldn’t expect too much from it. It’s immature, loud, rude and in my opinion, very funny.

It isn’t a film for everyone, I could imagine someone being too adult, too mature for this film. I think the obvious demographic is young boys, especially based on the two protagonists: George and Harold. School is treated in this film like a prison, and if it weren’t for these boys pranks, it’d remain that way.

The film is self aware with the young boys often breaking the fourth-wall, talking to the audience, similar in some respects to The Emperors New Groove. It knows what it is, and that only plays to the films strengths.

Now this isn’t the best animated film to come out this year, so far, that goes to The Lego Batman Movie. It isn’t a film that everyone has to see, but it is harmless fun, and it’s similar to Trolls in that regard.

This film is most notable for being the lowest budget Dreamworks Animation has given to a CGI film.

Its strangeness really bounces off the walls. There is a mad scientist, a hypnotised principal that gains ‘superhero powers’ and two boys that just mess around with pranks that go awry. The villains plan? To rid the world of laughter, due to being made fun of with the name, wait for it, Professor Poopypants. That’s the level of humour on display, and I could understand if that wasn’t for you, but for me, it was awesome.

It’s a silly film, that knows it is, and knows you know it is. It runs with that at ramming speed, and I applaud it for that. It’s in many ways a 90s cartoon, doing things that most modern ones just don’t do any more, which is a shame.

This film isn’t for everyone, but hell, it was for me.

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