You’re not a ‘Hardcore’ Gamer!

Now to be fair, I’m not sure that I’d call myself one, but I have been playing them for a very long time now. Probably too long.

What I don’t understand is the obsession in gaming fandom to be super ‘HARDCORE!’ It feels almost hyperbolic. You need to be the best, you need the best gear, and beat the game on the hardest difficulty. Otherwise, you can’t possibly be on ‘their level’.

Now I’m not talking about skill, which is different altogether. Competitive play is a natural thing in games, I’m talking about the people that are elitist. When they troll you because of how you play and what you play on. The PC vs Console debate is a good example of how some gamers can be on this subject.

That’s what I see when scrolling through Reddit and other such forums. Hell. Youtube comments seem to be the most guilty of this.

I saw a great video once on this subject about ‘easy’ difficulties being fun, because they’re about empowerment. I agree with this sentiment. I like feeling I’m ‘the boss’. That I’m the hero. I’m saving the day.

It’s both gratifying and silly. I like playing that way, because to me; that’s what video games are about, having fun.

Yet some people think you must be a ‘casual’ for doing that. It’s either Dark Souls, or nothing.

I tried Bloodborne, I also tried Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I found them both to be too hard, frustrating and pointless. I don’t like to feel like I’m working when I’m meant to be playing. It also doesn’t help, in the case of Metal Gear, that I’m not the biggest stealth fan.

Normally the difficulty I play is either Easy or Normal. I personally found the easiest difficulty of The Last Of Us hard. I still like that game, and I finished it. It still wasn’t easy for me.

And that’s okay. That’s really all I’m getting at. You don’t have to be the best to still be a gamer.


  1. leocolt · September 28, 2017

    I have to agree with most of this. If there’s something I hate is the elitism of some “hardcore gamers”. Video games are toys in the end and there’s not a proper way to play them other than by having fun with them.


  2. EGC-Jordan · September 29, 2017

    How dare you question hardcore gaming culture!!! If you don’t play on the hardest difficulty through your first play through of every game and make blood sacrifices to the RNG gods every winter solstice, you’re not a real gamer lol… Yeah gaming culture can be pretty dumb sometimes & I say that as a gamer.

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  3. nufafitc · October 1, 2017

    I think it depends on the game. Usually I go for normal difficulty, but playing Gears of War on the hardest difficulty makes you try out different strategies. Same with Metal Gear Solid. Oh, and if you want to play some of the bonus missions in “Aliens vs. Predator 2000 Classic”, you have to play the hardest difficulty to unlock them ;). So I guess it depends on how difficulty goes hand in hand with rewards. I don’t like dying again and again just to say I’ve completed the game on the highest difficulty. You can spend your time much better by playing on “Easy/Normal” and finish another game ;).


    • rentedtitan · October 1, 2017

      Well, everyone should play a game in a way a way that best suits them 🙂

      I think options is the best thing a game could give a player 🙂 Though bonus content seems to be going the way of the Dodo ever since DLC and mircotransactions have started taking hold. It’s a real shame too.

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      • nufafitc · October 1, 2017

        Yes, options are a good thing, although sometimes games don’t give you one, e.g. with only one (hardcore) difficulty ;). I’m all for accessibility, though, or maybe a good learning curve.

        DLC and microtransactions are another thing altogether, I agree, although back in the days they were called add-ons and expansion packs and nobody complained :). Probably because one received a full game without content held back…

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  4. ardraaken · October 4, 2017

    I tend to play on the hardest difficulty – not because I want to be leet or hardcore but because I enjoy the challenge. Play how you want to play, you paid the money for the game enjoy it how you want to enjoy it and ignore what anyone else says.

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  6. skyraftwanderer · October 6, 2017

    Play how you want to. Video games are meant to be fun after all.

    On a personal level, it depends on the game. I really dig Dark Souls and Bloodborne (I’d say Bloodborne is the greatest game I’ve ever played) but with games that I the game play tedious but find the story to be good I’ll knock the difficulty down so I can get through the story quicker.


  7. aer0force · October 8, 2017

    I play some games on normal or easy, if I’m just interested in the experience. I have found Bloodborne to be really exciting with its all or nothing gameplay style. It was a refreshing change from hiding behind cover to let the blood jelly clear from my eyes and then continuing on (first person shooters nowadays)


  8. Stardust Legacy · October 8, 2017

    Games wouldn’t exist if not for casuals. If elites are only the top, say 5%, then that means 95% of dollars spent come from us. I am not ashamed to be a filthy casual, eveh!

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  9. MentalParadox · October 8, 2017

    Ever heard of Duke Amiel du H’ardcore? Look it up!


  10. Chris · October 17, 2017

    Agreed. Just goes to show that no matter the medium, there will always be people turning it into “us vs. them”.

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  11. Strings · November 13, 2017

    I am a nerd and gamer since I was like 14 – I am now 56 so I have been playing games on video consoles and PC’s for the past 4 decades. When I was younger there were no games like we know today. If I play games like Horizon Zero Dawn and actually take time to “take in” the game I see design, I see story, I see trying to outsmart the game enemies and if I want to play it at my level I feel joyous. Games bring me a certain joy. I did play Dark Souls and I loved it, not because I am “gut” at it and I will most likely never “git gut” but I did try to beat certain bosses and failed miserably. And still I love the environment, the movement and so on. The game is frustratingly hard and so I have tried and did not finish it, so be it, I do not need to finish everything as long as I have tried. Only recently I have actually finished some games and that was fun. For instance I played through AC Origins in 79 hours (!!) and have exhausted everything, it was epic. I played AC IV Black Flag but on finished the main game, not every side quests. Horizon Zero Dawn was a very pretty game, to finish it was almost a personal vendetta and I cheered when I beat the final boss. Same with Uncharted 4, so finishing a game gives me joy. But the true thing in games is that I play at the level I can actually finish it. However what I have noticed is that even the Playstation store tells me I need to finish a game at higher level to get the platinum rewards. The true thing in games and why I still spend CAD 90 (incl. taxes) is that I play them for MY enjoyment, maybe I am not so hardcore, but in my deepest core I do love playing games, like wandering through Egypt in AC Origins.

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    • rentedtitan · November 13, 2017

      That was an epic comment! Thank you so much for sharing your experience 🙂

      It’s really cool hearing about a gamer that’s spent so much time playing games, it blows me out of the water. Have a great day!


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