Hot Fuzz Review:

[This review contains spoilers]

This film starts as a fast paced journey, with our main hero Nicholas Angel. He’s an over achiever in life and the police force. He’s an enthusiastic cop in a boring job. Then the film gradually turns into a murder mystery. Why are there all these accidents? Who’s responsible?

Well, a cult. A cult to make the town ‘perfect’.

That’s when the film takes a hard right toward the strange. It becomes a full on action flick. Guns, they’re everywhere! And the elderly love them, apparently.

It’s an unusual film to say the least, but having seen The World’s End, it almost seems normal in comparison. Edgar Wright’s really loves to start his films fairly mundane before they spin off into insanity.

Now this film is fun, the action is good, but it felt like a smaller budgeted version of The World’s End (probably because it is, and that really shows).

The pacing also feels a bit slow at points, making the film feel longer than it is.

The action is a little bloody and fast paced, but also out of left field (in a good way). And Danny, he’s the best character, a sidekick for Nicholas. He really felt like a great counter to Mr. Angel’s ‘perfect record’.

He added a humanity to him. Danny was sloppy when Angel was immaculate to a fault. He taught him to cut loose, take a drink, and relax. It really shows in the characterisation, when they both learn from each other and develop as people. Danny learned to be a cop, Angel learned how to be a civilian. It was nice to see them play off each other. It was probably the strongest aspect of the narrative.

The surreal nature of this film was fun. It was wacky, and a good time. But with it’s poor pacing and odd nature, this movie isn’t for everyone. It jumps genre a little too much to have a broad audience. I couldn’t see this film working for everyone. But if you like your dumb action, with witty dialogue, and a man finding his way. This will probably be for you.

Yet unfortunately, due to all those elements being in the film, I could see it leaving someone unfulfilled.

Again, I liked it, but I don’t think it’s for everyone, and I think Edgar Wright has made better films (like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

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