Colossal Review

[This review contains spoilers]

This film has the most imaginative metaphor for abusive relations I think I’ve ever seen. Gloria is in a relationship with a man that has codependency issues and always puts her down…but she goes from that to Oscar. He hates himself, is a hoarder, and is a possessive vengeful git.

The hoarding is an interesting aspect that’s never really explored, his life is both figuratively and literally a mess. He lost his family, stalks Gloria (at least online) seeking fulfilment through her life and has a half-finished bar that he runs.

That’s the thing about this film, a lot of it feels unfinished, in a throw away line, he talks about almost being married, but it fell apart. He starts out a nice guy, then becomes weirdly controlling for no reason. It gives you whiplash. Is he nice, or an abusive arse? If he’s the latter, why spring it up without warning? It doesn’t make much sense.

Gloria, on the other hand, is an alcoholic that doesn’t have direction in her life. She’s unemployed, and after being kicked out by her boyfriend, she moves into her old family home. Yet, despite the move, she’s still a mess, waking in the evening, drinking too late.

She works at Oscars bar, but the late social drinking only exacerbates her problems. Things take a shocking turn, when a Kaiju rips through Seoul, and it turns out that monster is her. Innocent people die. Upon discovering this, she gets her life back together. She will not kill again, even apologising to the people of the city.

Oscar comes to the realisation that he can become a giant robot, on the other side of the world, in the same city. He uses this to abuse Gloria, with a ‘you either do what I say, or more people die’ mentality. At first she seems to comply after a beating, until, in a strange turn of evens, she kills him. Saving the city.

The way this occurs however makes no sense. How does her going to Seoul make her a Kaiju in the town? This film has ambition, but it’s flawed.

What I do like about it, is that having a chaotic life, being with abusive people. It can’t literally take down a city, but it can ruin in your life. I think that’s a fair comparison. I like that this film goes there, even if it was with a messy execution.


  1. orijinalchris · October 17, 2017

    I enjoyed this film. I’d say going to Seoul makes her a Kaiju in her home town because, those are the rules in this film (:


    • rentedtitan · October 17, 2017

      I guess, but the film doesn’t even foreshadow the possibility 🙂


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